May 5, 2009

2009 BMW K 1300R - official presented

2009 bmw k1300r

BMW Motorrad presented the first official photos of the updated model of the most powerful 2009 BMW K 1300R.

The model is equipped with 4 cylinder liquid cooled engine with an 1293 cc, output is 173 hp at 9250 rpm. Maximum torque of 140Nm at 8250 rpm.



Fuel consumption is 5 liters per hundred (at an average speed of 90km / h). Dry weight of the motorcycle - 217kg. Bike is equipped with two 320mm brake discs front and rear brake discs 265ΠΌΠΌ. As always BMW motorcycle already equipped with a system of ABS. In Europe, the new 2009 BMW K 1300R promises to offer in February 2009.


Anonymous said...

bused keren gila ne motor.kapan ya aku punya motor kek gitu ? eheh btw brp harganya ???

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