May 31, 2009

JK-Wiranto 15 Million Target Voters of the Coastal Society


National Campaign Team Win JK-target 10-15 million votes from the coastal communities in Indonesia.

"For coastal areas we target Jakarta 500,000 votes in the pilpres later," said Alwi Hamu, Vice Chairman of the National Campaign Team JK-Win, the Declaration of the Community Coalition of Coastal, Fisherman, Cruises, Port of Indonesia and in the Fish Auction Cilincing, Jakarta, Sunday may 31 ,2009.

He further said that the target is realistic when considering the role of JK into the Vice President and Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare regardful economic empowerment of coastal communities. "JK has membuktikannya," Alwi said at an event attended by around 500 people that.

Therefore, he added, if elected, JK akan provide facilities to the coastal communities, such as fishermen, to get cheap credit. Thus, the fishermen can get better equipment.

Alwi also show when asked by reporters optimismenya matter Mega-Pro which also gives special attention to the coastal communities. "We are confident," said Alwi.

In the event, also attended purnawiran supporters JK, Jendral Pol (Purn) Dr Drs Chaeruddin Ismail, this plateau also with children under five. They enjoy the fun Dangdut music and snacks provided by the committee.

While their parents some time off "ewako" when the name of JK-Win dikumandangkan. The word that comes from the Bugis word that means "opposite" that shows the spirit of abstinence surrendered in the challenge.


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