June 12, 2009

Ferrari California Launched in Indonesia

In the midst of economic conditions that have not been restored, interest supersport, Ferrari in Indonesia are still exist and appear. Evidence, Ferrari today launched the latest type of its products and scandalize of California in Indonesia. The launch made the Buddha Bar, Jakarta, led directly by Irmawan Poedjoadi, Indonesia Presdir Ferrari, Marco Mele, Regionnal Sales Director, Asia Pacific and Ferrari Bonciani Mateo, Director of Communications, Ferrari Asia Pacific. Since the first was launched last year, namely at the Paris Motor Show, Ferrari interes demand worldwide is very high. "As a result, now we can launched in Indonesia," said Irmawan. The same was stated by Marco Mele.
In release , Ferrari California called this as "One Heart, Two Soul." Details, with California showing the two figures, namely kupe sypder (the roof can be opened or covertable). Added, California by trishstratus Ferrari 250 California introduced the first time in 1957. Until now, the number of cars in Indonesia has reached 8 units. However, Irmawan does not want the selling price of the car in Indonesia. When journalists urged estimates, estimated U.S. $ 400,000 (Rp 4 billion more). "We can determine the new rates next week. So also with the calculation of tax, "said Irmawan.
New technology. Ferrari crest features and some new technology in California. For machines, the technology is considered new direct injection system. "This is Ferrari's first engine that uses direct injection to the system," said Mateo Bonciani. Technology is the other 7 speed transmission, with dual clutch. Operation transmission no longer use the stick shift. But using the paddle on the wheel, such as F1. "We are applying technology in the F1 car, the operation of transmission," the story of Mateo. Also explained, to create a car that is comfortable sport, in determining the application technology, there are entries from the former of the most successful Ferrari, Michael Schumacher. "If the Ferrari car is set up quickly to Schumacher, Schumacher on the Ferrari in order to provide input to create a comfortable sport car , "beber Mateo.

Four Seconds. Total capacity of 4300 cc engine, producing 460 PS@7.750 rpm power or specific energy 107PS/liter. To torsi, 485 Nm (49 kgm) @ 5000 rpm, 75 percent are available at 2250 rpm. Acceleration from 0-100 km only takes about 4 seconds with a speed that can reach 310 km per hour. Valve engines also use (and dispose of bisap) with open and close time can change so that the performance security engine on each lap. The goal, to ensure the engine can produce a solid effort on each lap. In addition to menca standards Euro5 and LEV2, fuel consumption of 13.1 liter/100 km or 7.6 km / liter emissions and 305.6 g / km (ECE combined).
Other features is panel with analogue instruments (tachometer) and the four-screen TFT with a variety of information. System equipped with 6.5-inch touch screen, USB connection, bluetoooth, hard drive, voice commands and iPod connector. For the roof, can be opened in the complete closing of 14 seconds. Using a standard 19-inch rim, and also have special offers 20 inches. Self-interest, California offered the program personalisas. Each buyer can choose the color of exterior and leather interior, optional equipment sesuaidengan taste them.
Program personnel are racing and track aspect, color and interior material equipment and travel aspect. "Also mentioned, the pivot for a year. If ordered now, is new next year, 2010. No less interesting, the presence of California also created a new phenomenon in Indonesia. In fact, the book most of the car young people. "If the first rich parents, even now many young people who order this car," said Irmawan Poedjoadi of Ferrari buyers in Indonesia.


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