June 17, 2009

Let Manohara Some Evidence

Model Manohara Odelia Pinot back to the detective agency and Criminal (Bareskrim) Mabes polri, Jakarta, Wednesday june 17.2009. Accompanied a number of legal power of the team, so he Mano-disapa - will provide information and submit evidence related to a number of suspected cases of Domestic Violence (domestic violence), which made her husband, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry, the son of the Kingdom of Kelantan, Malaysia. Bareskrim Before entering the room, one of Mano a power law, Hotman Paris Hutapea, said Mano akan dimintai caption reporter as a witness. He accompanied his mother to attend Fajarina and Daisy Dewi Pinot, brother. They also set as a witness.
Some evidence, go Hotman, will also be submitted. In the passport of a small Manohara asserts that he is a citizen of Indonesia (WNI) and boat tickets (cruise) at Manohara raped by Fakhry, on 16 November 2007. "In the near future, we will also submit evidence that a mobile phone contain photographs of mistreatment, "said team member Hotman represent other legal authority.

To journalist, Manohara turn had a number of party members who express doubts seriusly in domestic violence cases that are befalling himself. "Today is actually a schedule syuting, but I care-belain come here," specifically. Until this news was revealed, Manohara still goes through the review process.


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