June 4, 2009

Mclaren F1 worth Rp 20 billion burned-out

When burned supercar, sure to be interesting. That's what happens to the mclaren F1 production in 1995 the property Irv Kessler 53 years, the Minnesota, United States. Despite it not seleb or drivers, who experienced a car fire supermahalnya, Senen ago became news across the country. Media also cite each other.

This can be understood because the mclaren F1 is very special. Not only because of price, according to the owner - to reach U.S. $ 2 million, when converted to dollar will reach 20 billion more - the amount is very limited.

The owner had just witnessed the back-burning supercar kesayangannya burn. Time, he was again on the slide Airport Boulevard, Santa Rosa, California. Originally the owner does not know the car burned. But someone saw smoke come out from the back of this mclaren. He also gave out Kessler.

Fire appeared to take place quickly. Fortunately, fire officials are also quick to come and put out the fire spread to the cabin before. If the last condition is the case, the owner will also participate in a burn. Section, it is not easy to exit the car because the driver's position is in the center.

In fact, Irv Kessler does not tell us the accident. But the deputy head of the fire, Rincon Valley, John Lantz who came to help extinguish the fire, menceritakannya again, according to the information it receives from the owner of the car.

The story, the supercar is not used for 6 months. Try the car is removed from the garage on Sunday and Monday ago because experience problems when turned on.

Fortunately, according to fire officials, and the owner has to insure the value of this mclaren U.S. $ 3 million. Despite that the owner remain anxious. The problem is not money, but this supercar has become a rare and very valuable.

The most inviting of death, and also have occurred previously in the UK. According Carsuk.net, English, owner of a Ferrari dealership in the country, time will test the mclaren F1 own stored 6 months digarasi, is turned on after some time, manifold become very hot and almost burnt.

Mclaren F1 is indeed special. Only 64 units built between 1992 and 1998 with a special model made in 1995. The remaining 42 units built as a prototype version of LM, and GT GTR.

The engine, the BMW V12, 6.0 liter, fuel that produces energy 635PS and 651 Nm torsi. Door model with a specialty scissors, drivers seat which is located in the middle.

Dikabarkan also, the car owned by the seleb such as Wyclef, Jay Leno, Eric Clapton, Rowan "Mr Bean 'Atkinson and Michael Shumacher.


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