June 4, 2009

SBY Promises People's Welfare

In the campaign of Presidential Election 2009, presidential candidate Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono delivered a political speech, entitled "Building Clean Government to Improve People's Welfare," Thursday in june 4.2009 PRJ, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

At its core, SBY promised better welfare for the people of Indonesia. "We are committed to build a government free of corruption, collusion, nepotism. Additionally, we also committed to create a government responsive to the desire of the people, transparent and responsible," said SBY in front of the cadre and sympathetic.

Attended the campaign cawapres Boediono, Ny Ani Yudhoyono, Ny Herawati Boediono, and the Democratic Party elite and the political party, political party supporters, and the national campaign team.

Besides that, SBY is also promising the basic needs of the people a better education, health and affordable, and environmentally good. Thus, SBY ask in prayer pilpres to compete in the future.


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