November 13, 2011

Rafflesia Threatened Habitat Encroachment

Habitat arnoldii Rafflesia flower in Daun Hill Forest Preserve, Kepahiang District, Bengkulu Province, threatened encroachment.

"If not maintained, it is not impossible habitat is damaged and we can no longer see Raflesia bloom at that location," said Chairman Tim Cares Puspa Rare Holidin.
Holidin said, the location of blossoming flowers Raflesia is now surrounded by coffee plantations and hazelnut which is a community forest. "The direction east of the site Raflesia forest flowers blossoming at just 100 meters or 150 feet. After that was the garden residents. While to the south forest is still somewhat distant about 6 miles," he said.
Community forest is forest that already encroached upon the citizens who then dihijaukan back with certain crops planted by the community. Reopening of community forestry plan, said Holidin, has sparked a public open forest intact.
Community forestry has been misinterpreted. Therefore, Holidin worry if encroachment unchecked, would threaten the habitat Raflesia. In fact, throughout the year 2011 already 12 Raflesia flowers bloom in Leaves Hill Forest Preserve. This number will continue to grow still remember there are 15 bulbs that will bloom again


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