November 15, 2011

Roadster MF5 V10 Black Bat

Wiesmann is probably not the famous sports car manufacturer. However, this German automotive business remains productive. Evident from the birth of "Black Bat" 600 HP powered TVR Cerbera similar products. When work on it, Wiesmann working with production houses and Dähler SchwabenFolia build MF5 Roadster V10 Black Bat.
SchwabenFolia are versed in the affairs of wrap-wrap dress the outer body panels, interior, bulkhead doors, kitchen area with the colors runway dof. To show his dedication on the skill, they were even 20 inch BBS wheels wrapped with the same color, making it a two-door sports car to be so dense.

Dähler themselves have a duty in the performance. Wiesmann is indeed relying on the engine and transmission BMW V10 engine is paired with a capacity of 5.0 liter BMW's M5. Dähler then increase the strength of the standard 507 HP to 600 HP. One of them thanks to the plots on the exhaust system and the "brains" of electronics in the car.

Just takes 3.5 seconds to reach speed of 100 kilometers per hour from a stop condition, while the maximum speed of 321 km / hour. For that also, Dähler adds Brembo brakes with 6-piston calipers disk size 308 x 32 millimeter (front) and 4-piston disc size 380 x 28 mm (rear) so that the car was also steady as you should reduce speed or stop.

Plus a lizard on a company's logo, which means "guarantee" that the production Wiesmann cars will always stick in the road, then "The Bat" is also superstabil tight. One more, a little Batman logo in red on the other end attached to the stern. Is there a specific purpose, a prospective ride "The Dark Night" aka Batman?



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