November 30, 2011

WoooW Microsoft office for IPhone and IPad

Microsoft is preparing to Microsoft Office software for Apple devices, both the iPad and iPhone. The addition of the software is expected to expand the market Apple and Microsoft.

In Microsoft's official statement quoted by CNet said it is ready to bring Office to the different platforms and devices. The plan also will expand the market share of Microsoft in the future. However, Microsoft is still reluctant to discuss it further.
Actually, Apple's own iWork software already has a similar Office. The software is already used by iPad users and Mac OS X. Contents of the Pages, Keynote and Numbers are also similar to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. Office for the iPad will be priced around 10 dollars, the same price as iWork for Apple.

With Office cram into the iPad and iPhone, will also increase the market Apple products taken from loyal users of Microsoft Office. The move indicates that Microsoft is doing this as if they "lost" and acknowledged the popularity of the Apple iPad and iPhone use.

Previously, Microsoft had been crowded into the iPad and iPhone with homemade products, bleak Bing, Windows Live Messenger, MSN Onit, OnPoint MSN, Microsoft Tag, and Wonderwall. The possibility Office for the iPad and iPhone is going to attend next year, not much different from the plan include Office for Mac in late 2011.


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