December 8, 2011

3% of People Check Facebook During Sex

Whilst thoughts of having social media banned at work are common, and some governments would like to shut social media down during riots, it seems that for some, social media should be banned from that most intimate of places - the bedroom.

For it seems that some people cannot resist checking their Facebook account whilst making love to their partner. That's the incredible finding of a new survey of social media usage in Australia.

The survey, conducted by social media company Tick Yes, found that nearly 3% of respondents check social networks such as Facebook and Twitter whilst making love to their partner.

One might assume that men, the insensitive souls that they so often are, would be most guilty, yet they only account for 64% of bedroom tweeters. That leaves women accounting for 36% and casts a new light on advice that when with an uninspiring partner ladies should lie back and think of England.

Other recent studies between technology and sex found that a sizable amount of women would give up sex for Facebook and a third of Americans prefer a smartphone over sexual relations.
Source : Technorati


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