May 31, 2009

KPUD Papua DPT Set Without comprehensive data updating


Regional General Elections Commission (KPUD) Papua confess has set the list of voters remain (DPT) pilpres without doing thorough updating of data. Chairman of the Papua KPUD Benny Sweny said 10 of 27 districts in Papua have not been updating the data.

Benny said, the data submitted 17 districts showed no change in the means of legislative elections DPT ago. Therefore, the brave decision to take the other with consideration and the time is urgent.

"The amount is almost the same. So, the data comparability with the 10 district legislative election data," Benny said to journalists on the sidelines of the plenary meeting KPU KPU in Jakarta, Sunday may 31,2009.

According to Benny, the number of people enrolled in the DPT be submitted to the KPU increased 5.4 percent, from 2,064,543 to be 2,183,145 people. Chairman of the Papua KPUD also express the constraints that faced the team updating the data, ie, the distance between a remote village to other villages, and the late budget and minimal.

Each of updating data obtain salary Rp 200,000, and is not comparable with the votes of the excluded. "Papua is not Depok. Honornya at least on the minimum wage, around Rp 1.5 million," he said.

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