June 9, 2009

Ambalat Relative Calm

The Head Office Komando Armada RI Eastern Marine Lieutenant Colonel (KH) Tony saiful said conditions at the threshold of the sea Ambalat in Sulawesi Sea is relatively calm. "Five days is not a violation region by ships and airplanes Malaysia," said Tony in Surabaya, East Java, on Tuesday june 9.2009. TNI Angkatan Laut record occurred 14 times in violation of Indonesia by Malaysia since early 2009. Although the situation is relatively calm, go Tony, six belonging to the TNI KRI Navy patrol still very close to the waters of Indonesia-Malaysia border. Air patrols by aircraft belonging to the TNI AL Nomad also conducted every day.
'We violate the Malaysian opportunities to the patrol on the border,' says Tony. He also acknowledges the existence of restlessness among the northern fishermen Kaltim related operation seine vessels relax flag Malaysia.

'If it operates in Indonesia, Malaysia Isn'T ship, we ship Australia certainly catch because the rules still prohibit the trawl or seine tiger,' he said. TNI AL, go Tony, can not discuss trawl vessels operating in Malaysia that the country is.


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