June 18, 2009

Bandung Student Champion 'World Robo Masters Cup 2009' in Singapore

SMP Salman Al-Farisi Bandung champion off the first 'World Robo Masters Cup 2009', a competition robot assembly SMP ASEAN in Singapore which was held early in June ago.

'NXP Lego', the name of a robot, the assembly is the result of three junior high students Salman Al-Farisi Bandung, West Java, a successful sweep contests in Singapore on 3-6 June 2009 ago. This team successfully frustrate the other team, including 8 "jawara" Singapore. They are Adrian Putra Manggala, Naufaldie Adikusumah, and Fauzi Maulana Hakim, who joined the team in 'Haiya Boy'.
"Success is a proud and we hope that the staff and they continue to provide and distribute binaan potential," said the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan H in Bandung, Thursday june 18.2009.

Top of the victory, the teams' Haiya Boy ', which consists of three schools the students class is entitled to a gold medal category "Prison Break". Robot intelligent they be the only robot that touches the finis. Next, the team is projected to follow 'the International Robot Olympiad'.
Tim Salman Al-Farisi, which since the beginning of a champion robotik national level, is able to go out as champion after eliminate competitors from 10 other countries. Tenth in the country, including the host team in Singapore, which is known in the field of strong robotik.

In particular, the three winners smart robots that are received by the Governor of West Java H. Ahmad Heryawan and Ny Netty Heryawan Pakuan building in the city of Bandung.

"Students we are able to do much, can even overcome the representatives of countries which have strong enough in the field of robotik, this is something that boast," said Heryawan.



Anonymous said...

indonesian student a champions ??? really ??? oh...... greath......

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