June 6, 2009

Button: We Will Change The tradition Turkish GP!

Jenson Button must recognize the benefits of Sebastian Vettel, who recorded the best time in the qualifying race car Formula 1 Turkish GP Saturday june 6,2009. Consequently, pebalap Red Bull is occupying pole position and Button must start from the sequence of two races on this Sunday. However, Button is optimistic he can achieve maximum results. Head Klasemen while pebalap said, the race itself will be defeated tomorrow Vettel, memuluskan ambisinya order to become a world champion F1 season in 2009.
Button confidence well-founded. After himself always in position outside of the 10 free practice 1 and 2 on Friday, he even had time to record the best time in the qualifying session, friction co setim Vettel, Mark Webber. But in this phase pengujung, Vettel successful mengunggulinya with 0.05-second difference. "I look forward this race. Indeed, each pebalap who occupy the pole position here is always win, so we want to change the tradisinya. Here you can crucify, so we will enjoy the race tomorrow, "said pebalap origin is English.
Men aged 29 years was added, even though his team practice at the time of trouble-free, but they have proved that on every car they race very competitive. Evidence, in the six series that have been passed on this season, he became champion five times. "I enjoy the circuit and that is why I remain confident even had time to get in trouble when you arrive here. When one person in this team can reap good results in the lap gobble here, then you know that a good car. You certainly can get it, "added Button.

"Yesterday was a difficult day for us. In addition to strong winds, we can not find the balance on the car. But today, with some changes in the settingan, we can be better." Indeed, the team put two Brawn GP pebalapnya in sequence 2 and 3. They diapiti by Red Bull duo (Vettel and Webber), which occupies the position 1 and 4. Less satisfactory results be mengincar that Felipe Massa victory in the fourth beruntun in this circuit, because he had to start from the position 7, while fellow setimnya at Ferrari, Kimi Räikkönen's position 6.


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