June 6, 2009

Wenger: Arsenal only Keep up Defense

Arsenal coach, Arsène Wenger, said his team only need to line up behind it to be able to compete in the Premier League and Champions League next season. That is a major weakness before. Wenger says it during a visit to Beijing, China, Saturday june 6,2009. According to him, his team is actually productive, and the number of goals that are printed with the same number of goals as Manchester United top the Premier League, which is 68. However, Arsenal possessed too many goals because the back line is less the meeting. During the competition, the Gunners penetrated 37 goals.
Five defeat in the first 14 Premier League seasons ago is also one of the causes of the failure of Arsenal. However, according to him, the mental PLAYERS shows that the more mature. Evidently, they can still rise up and enter the four big. "Season and we start to do less good. But, after that we are strong and powerful. It is interesting, because our team is still young but already have a big bounce," he said.

Wenger continue, the need to improve the back line. If the defense to persuade them, then Arsenal will be very dangerous for anyone in the upcoming competition season. According to him, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur will be the dark horse in the upcoming season. With a large shopping, they can build the strength of the team and the dominance of the four: MU, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea.


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