June 4, 2009

BWM Slide Position # 1 Lexus in the United States

Show the product with the sporty, BMW has taken over the position of best selling premium cars in the United States, previously held by the Lexus since 2000. Now, Lexus sales decreased to 37.2 percent. BMW last number one position in the country in 1997, but then was defeated by a rival country, Mercedes-Benz.

BMW sales are also down this year, but not as much as experienced by Lexus. BMW sales down 30.5 percent or a little above 76819 Lexus 73,186 until May.

"We have seen, throughout the year, buyers remain cautious and when they buy a premium product, they buy brands that have a history of indigo, depending on the resistance and resilience of quality," said Jim O'Donnel, presdir BMW North America LLC. "This is assisted by the sale of core products, the Series 3, Series 5 and x5." This is delivered in a special interview with the television Bloomber night and cited some of the media in the United States.

Nevertheless, car manufacturers still need to spur the end of this year. Meanwhile, even though this year has been running for 5 months, BMW boss is confident the United States can excel at this year's Lexus.

Lexus launched the last in the United States is the RX350 SUV. While the hybrid version will be launched next week. will also introduced the first Lexus hybrid that uses motor fuel and electric motor, namely HS250h at the end of this summer.

The decline in most luxury cars or premium is experienced by VW-owned Bentley and Maybach, Daimler. Both decreased to May is about 60 percent in comparing the previous year.


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