June 1, 2009

Fact Book National History


History of teaching materials for students at this school can not be considered a referral, because the resources have a better picture or vision of the history version of the ruler.

The statement is to be one of the discussion and conclusion of the workshop 'Building Awareness of History for Truth and Justice' in Jakarta, 'which lasted for two days, Friday and Saturday (29-30/5) in Jakarta. In addition, followed by the history teacher, also attended the activities of humanitarian activist, historian, and the victims of historical events from both G30S/PKI, Tanjung Priok Events, Current Talangsari, Current Semanggi, 1998, and others.

In the discussion, the participants of the workshop discussion and "demanded" that the importance of learning history in a truth and justice. "Because of this history only from the version of the course in the interest of the ruler, while the victim's ignored," said Suciwati, the wife of the deceased Munir, as one of the persons of the discussion may 30,2009.

As a result, according to Suciwati, views, based on historical facts obtained by the students is not balanced or biased. During this material fact in the history of teaching materials so limited, so that history should be based on facts that can dipertanggung jawabkan justeru avoid even the fact itself.

Opinion is strengthened by a discussion of the material submitted by the historian Adam Warman Asvi. According Asvi, History Books National Indonesia (SNI) or "hen the book" is no longer used as a reference, not the exception of last year SNI publication in 2008.

"In sub-section Conflict, Violence and Komnas HAM, various violations of the disinggung but the sheer violence in perspective, while the source of information from the witness does not live," said Asvi. Many historical events, which according to Asvi, remain hidden from the public until now, both the events G30S/PKI around 1965/1966, discharge of political prisoners to Buru Island (1969-1979), Tanjung Priok case, Talangsari, or East Timor - , and more.

Respond Asvi opinion, the discussion participants, especially the history teacher, expects the new version of the history of the victim, considering the source material for this history seemed to "dry".

"Yet, the substance that will lift us and we give the students not understand or ideological issue, but the side of humanity, truth and justice," Suparman demolished, the history teacher from the community Education Forum.


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