June 1, 2009

Today, General Motors Corp.. Declared bankrupt

The biggest American car company (previously the largest in the world), General Motors Corp. (GM)., Who recently celebrated the anniversary to its 100-September, this week declared bankrupt. According to information, announcements about GM bankruptcy was conducted at 8:00 Monday morning, June 1 Washington time. In Jakarta, at 19.00 WIB. Next will formed a new company with a more efficient operation.

Development in the last few days have been accelerating the process of GM go bankrupt. Among other things, the agreement with the German government's decision to sell the sale of GM Opel to Magna International Inc. In this case, the German government will also help to give injections of funds to Opel.

In addition, on Saturday afternoon the United States East, the majority of companies that have receivables on GM to agree to change them into shares. In a report last, after a reorganization, GM still has debts of U.S. $ 27 billion.
The three largest. Bankrupt GM is the third largest corporate bankruptcy in history in the United States. Nevertheless, for the biggest car company with the most complex process.

GM has lost market share since the early 1980s, when over 45 percent of the U.S. market. This company is destroyed because it is too rely on the product and trucks submerged in more credit when diperketat in 2008.

Now, GM can be said as to its state-owned United States. The funds that the government owned company to reach 72.5 percent of all property that dimilik company.

Meanwhile, the United States President Barack Obama in TV interview Saturday where the administration had bankrupt because GM does not have other options, but they must make a decision.


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