June 5, 2009

Hassan Will Meet Hillary in the U.S.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Hasan Wirajuda planned to meet with Minister of Foreign Affairs United States as a form of Hillary Clinton visit replies that Hillary has done in the beginning of this year.

"On Monday 8 tomorrow, Mr. Minister will be in Washington DC," said the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Teuku Faizasyah at a press meet in Jakarta on Friday june 5.2009.

Faizasyah, said in the meeting will be discussed a few things concerning the readiness of both countries to enhance cooperation in the self. "Through these meetings we enter the phase of cooperation oriented to the future," he said.

In addition to meeting Hillary Clinton, said Faizasyah, foreign ministry will also meet with the Director of Intelligence for the United States discuss issues of strategic security and will be planned to meet with some of Congress.

"Mr. Minister will also speak at a symposium that will discuss democracy in Indonesia, growth in East Asia, and Iran's nuclear program," he said.


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