June 24, 2009

Obama Make First pitch ball

U.S. President, Barack Obama will do the first pitch before the ball during the match Baseball Major League All Star in Busch Stadium, St. Louis on July 14. According to the White House, match MLB All Star MLB this is associated with the theme of Obama, we serve together. "Central theme All Star 2009 is a public service, job extraordinary made ordinary people," said komisoner MLB, Bud Selig. "We can be happy with Obama that the president had the courage to update the spirit of service. President Obama will continue the tradition as it has done we are the leaders in the past. "
Obama is a fan club Chicago White Sox. He will be the fourth U.S. president to throw the ball first in the game All Star, the president John F. Kennedy in washinton, 1962, Richard Nixon in Cincinnati in 1970 and Gerald Ford in Philadelphia, 1976. President Franklin D. Roosevelt attended the match in the All Star 1937 in Washington and President HW Bush witnessed the All Star 1991 in Toronto with the Canadian prime Minister, Brian Mulroney. Bush also attended games in 1992 in San Diego with the Mexican president, Carlos Salinas de Gortari. While Gerald Ford in San Diego in 1978 and Ronald Reagan arrived in Anaheim in 1989 with the status as a former president.

Obama had to throw the ball the first time is still a senator, before Chicago White Sox beat Anaheim Angels 2-1 in game 2 American League championship series in 2005.


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