June 10, 2009

Pearl Continental bomb victims 11 casualty

A suicide truck bomb a very big punch a hotel killed 11 people and wound 52 other cities in Peshawar, capital of the Western Sea Frontier Province of Pakistan. Minister enlighten the province, Mian Iftikhar Hossain, said, including two foreigners among those killed in the explosion that destroyed the five-star hotel Pearl Continental that. He did not disclose their nationality.
At least two armed men in a truck entering the vessel open hotel complex that, throw in the shot before security guards ram their vehicle to the building, and detonate.

'A number of foreign citizens among those injured, "police said. That was a blitz off the seventh that the city is up against it in a month. Some accuse the party of action is gerilyawan Taliban revenge over the last six military attacks against them in three districts in northwest Pakistan. 'That was a suicide attack,' said the head of the police, Sefwat Ghayur, told AFP. Provincial head of police, Malik Naveed said, 'Eleven people died. Victims may be increased. 'No group claiming to be responsible for the attack


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