June 10, 2009

Prabowo attend the Declaration of Support The Youth

Megawati-Prabowo pair have support from some elements of youth. Declarations made in support Bumiwiyata Hotel Complex, Depok, West Java, on Wednesday june 10.2009. Prabowo is present in the event attended by hundreds of youth without Megawati. Prabowo, who arrived at the location at 14:30, immediately greeted dozens of youth who carry the flag of each organization. Appear with a number of members of the National Campaign Team Mega-Prabowo, among Maruarar Sirait, rieke Dyah Pitaloka, and M Yasin.
Elements of youth that support among Youth Tani Indonesia, Angkatan Pemuda Kabah, Gerakan National Youth and Students, and Youth Volunteer Democracy (Repdem).

Previously, they do orasi who support repeal of Law Board of Legal Education (BHP) and ask realization cheap and quality education for children of poor families.


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