June 10, 2009

Pro SBY Movement : "It's OK to Vote"

With the slogan 'it's OK to vote' and mengincar among young voters, swing voters and golput, Pro SBY Movement was born. And to expand the area, the GPS open media center that is expected to expand the call of young people and voters to choose in the upcoming presidential election. 'That's why, as the GPS spontaneity of movement, because the establishment is not from above or through these instructions, you want to do more for of supporting, 'said the Chairman of the General GPS Surato in Jakarta, Wednesday june 10,2009. In fact, according to Surato, GPS has also been formed wake of young people (BP2B) that will recruit among young people, especially the unemployed aged 18-30 years, to be educated and then be channeled to get a job. 'At least, young people have that hope, especially at this time many young people who have no hope at all,' he said.
At the initial stage, according to Surato, will BP2B this starts with recruiting 30 people for one generation. Then later on if there are many people who are interested and need a trained workforce GPS, the number of each Generation

will be raised as needed. "We hope both the government and the private sector will find that labor, labor will see the GPS already trained, "he said. working, according Surato, is a requirement before people can be prosperous. "Steps such as this is a real will be the main concern, in addition to study and collect and deliver the aspirations of the community," he said.


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