June 1, 2009

President Not to Sign President Degree of Lampung Governor

Until Monday (1 / 6) morning, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has not signed a decree lifting Drs H Sjachroedin ZP as governor of Lampung province.

The President is still waiting for the recommendations related to the state minister secretariat study on the adoption controversy is Lampung governor.

Said spokesman Andi Mallarangeng presidency to Kompas on the sidelines of the meeting he said the Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Than Dung on the island of Jeju, Jeju Province, South Korea, Monday.

"I check it was not signed because the President is still awaiting the results of the study ministerial secretary of state on the recommendations presented Mendagri related Lampung governor's nomination," he said.

When asked how the plan Sjachroedin appointment as governor to be elected governor of Lampung Province definitive will be done tomorrow Tuesday, Andi said, while spread his hands, "Yes what, I do not have studies. Moreover the president is busy following a meeting with ASEAN South Korea."

By Andi added, "If the matter of inaugurating a course on Mendagri. Kan inaugurate his authorities," he said.

Sjachroedin planned to be appointed as Governor of Lampung in the 2009-2014 period June 2 tomorrow. This is consistent with the Supreme Court decision that declares the winner as Sjachroedin pilkada.

However, this induction into float following a letter from the KPU Daerah Lampung Province who ask the government to cancel Sjachroedin victory in the elections. The reason, political victory Sjachroedin colored money.


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