June 1, 2009

RI can not embrace extreme Economy

Indonesia can not follow the system of economic liberalization or extreme extreme protectionist. The role of government to help economic actors in the stage of growth is still needed, in addition to protecting the public economy is weak.

According to the Minister of Finance as well as Coordinating Minister for Economic Position of Sri Mulyani Indrawati, the country does not have any system that implements the economic extremes.

China though, said Sri Mulyani, the system combines capitalism with communism. "If all the centralistic, top down, they may not take 1 billion people. Must have capitalism, "he said.

Meanwhile, the United States, more Sri Mulyani, acknowledge the behavior kapitalisnya damage the country's economy. "So they go back to the regulated economy (the economy, and control the government)," said Menkeu in Jakarta, last week.

Therefore, Menkeu words, if the government provides reasonable maximum support to the business that is still young with a variety of policies that alleviate. "U.S. State semaju also, to protect the government pengusahanya. When President George W Bush visited some time ago, for example, he specifically asks the U.S. interests in Indonesia, "said Sri Mulyani.

However, the protection of employers can not be done continuously. It does not educate them to be more independent. During President Soeharto's government, for example, the government provides protection and support to entrepreneurs, but it does not add capacity, thus increasing the spoil.

Effective Government

Sri Mulyani assert, any economic system that is used, the government needs a clean and effective. Economy requires referee, to oversee the flow of capital into the country so that the monopoly does not occur.

A good referee, said Sri Mulyani, the government is a healthy and have an efficient bureaucracy, serving the public. "People complain constantly because of competition in the economy that is not healthy. One of the government faktornya is not healthy, have the interest, and intervence economy. Government to be additional costs for the bureaucracy that is not efficient, "he said.

Most dangerous is if the government change the rules with a specific purpose. "Therefore, whoever governments, neoliberal economy, or, if the road will not disabotase the government," he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of Domestic Trade Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Indonesia Bambang Soesatyo, increase basic prices of late can i become a momentum for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to mementahkan tudingan against neoliberal government.

This can be done with intervence market price to edit. "The President only needs to issue instructions to menterinya to conduct market operations," he said.

Kadin monitoring results, the price of basic needs in some areas increased since May 2009. Without the wheat price in Jakarta of Rp 6,000 per kilogram to Rp 7,500 per kg, the type of IR64 rice from Rp 5,500 to Rp 6,000 per kg. Rainfall oil price from Rp 8,500 to Rp 10,000 per kg.

"In the middle of the anti-neoliberal economy, the President should instruct the menterinya (in order) to give extra attention to the basic price," he said.


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