June 1, 2009

Welcome the First Month, Bursa Regional increases

Regional stock exchanges in early trading Monday morning june 01,2009 majority are in the green zone.

Index Hangseng opened directly in Hong Kong rose 1.81 percent or 328.92 points to become 18,499.92. According to the analysis of the Monex Investindo Futures, Moving Average (MA) Hangseng show bullish pattern. This is supported by the U.S. stock exchanges recovery, increase of customer funds in the Hong Kong banking sector, and increasingly China harmonisnya relationship with Taiwan.

"However, North Korea missile launch will encourage investors to make a fortune and take action to bring the index is lower than the price pembukaannya. Hangseng If you can go through 18,300, the index will reach 18,500," sebutnya.

Until this news was revealed, the Asia-Pacific index is still sailing on the positive path. Nikkei225 index such as the Japanese rose 0.98 per cent, Strait Times index of Singapore race 1.63 percent, indeka Australia All Ordinaries rose 1.03 percent, and China's Shanghai composite index menguat 1.85 percent.

Then Tertimbang Taiwan index increased 0.18 percent, and South Korea Kospi index rose 0.01 percent thinner.


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