June 10, 2009

SBY-Boediono: BLT not paid by Foreign Funds

National campaign team Capres-pair cawapres Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-Boediono subduct if the source of funds for direct cash from abroad. Chatib Basri, as well as members Timnas UI economist, said, funding is only BLT relocation funds in the budget.
According to Basri, with the fuel price increase of 30 percent, the government successfully savings of Rp 32.8 trillion. The government then uses these funds for; Rp 4.4 trillion to poor rice and food security, Rp 14.1 trillion for the funding of the BLT 19.1 million families in the target poor and nearly poor, Rp 11.7 trillion to deficit reduction, and Rp 2.6 trillion for fiscal risk reserves.
Chatib also disputed the BLT is not based on the interests of certain political. According to him, very poor people can not be one hook, but the fish first. Once improved, then they are given assistance in stages, starting from the hook to the boat. "Moreover, why people who want to help poor people is just why.

What's wrong with helping poor people with a motive?" ask Chatib while the press meet.


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