June 10, 2009

The SBY bring along to compete fairly

Capres Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono invites two couples Capres cawapres and others, that is, the Mega-pair Prabowo and Wiranto pair JK-to compete in a healthy Pemiliu President in 2009. "The Capres cawapres and the other, I would like to invite let us do it later in a healthy competition, and berbudaya, "said SBY, berorasi time in the Peace Declaration of Election, in Bumikarsa Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, on Wednesday night june 10 2009.
SBY said that Capres and cawapres can make at the fore, despite selected or not selected in this Pilpres. In orasi, SBY is also to invite the whole community to use the right choice in this Pilpresi. According to him, the Election is to give substance to the rights of the people to determine aspirations and representatives in the parliament and choose the President and Vice President.

"This is a way for the sustainability of government programs. Please participation important for the future


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