July 3, 2009

Wiranto Promise Remove Outsourcing

Vice Presidential candidate from Golkar and Hati Nurani Rakyat, Wiranto, promised to eliminate the outsourcing in the employment system in Indonesia. The system only benefits the company and hurt the workers. "Is a determination I eliminate outsourcing. alignment This is our small community," Wiranto said in the campaign dialogue in the Hotel Astro, Banyumas.
Employment issues, go Wiranto, the focus becomes one of the main presidential candidates together with Jusuf Kalla. In addition to outsourcing issues, improvements in this area is the provision of employment of the more knowledgeable. Many of the potential human resources in Indonesia is a useless waste because have no chance. They must be empowered, he said in front of hundreds of cadres and sympathetic Hanura and Golkar Party. In addition to the employment sector,

the pair Wiranto-JK will also focus on agricultural issues. According to Wiranto, the agricultural sector so far has not been seriously by the government. side the government to farmers are still minimal. Cite him, until now the price of fertilizer is still relatively expensive. In addition, the frequent scarcity when farmers need the fertilization. He promised, if elected with JK, it will improve the production and distribution of fertilizer. For production, the availability of gas for a minimal fertilizer industry will be addressed with more on the provision of gas for domestic needs. We have a large gas reserves, gas scarcity should not be problems for the fertilizer industry. Therefore, when I'm elected, we must use a gas sufficient for domestic needs before exporting, demolished this former TNI.
In a campaign event in Banyumas, and Wiranto accompanied a number of successful team of SBY-JK. Appears one of them is the former Head of Land Forces General Staff Purn Soebagyo HS. Mass attendance in the campaign not only from Banyumas, but also a number of areas such as the surrounding Purbalingga, Banjarnegara, and Cilacap. Most come to the location with the motorcycle ride.




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