November 17, 2011 : Microsoft plans to "Open Source" (realy ?)

Microsoft as the software maker is often touted as the company's most "closed" because the software can not be modified by someone else.

Secret codes in the programming software Microsoft also known to be very awake so that only "insiders" who can change it. Many users eventually switch to other software, eg Linux developed. Besides can be downloaded for free, Linux is also more open so that users can do a lot of modifications.

Microsoft claims to have started to understand the users and are more open in terms of software development. Microsoft has been prepared to support open source technologies that allow for collaboration with other software developers.

This year, to prove its commitment to open source, Microsoft has also worked with various open source community. To discuss more about Open Source, chance to interview Gianugo Rabellino, Senior Director for Microsoft's Open Source Communities in Shangri La Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (11/16/2011). The following interview excerpts: What is the background Microsoft's supporting open source technology?

Gianugo Rabellino: Microsoft realized that no single software development company that works independently and can provide everything needed by the consumer. This is encouraging for Microsoft to be more open organization. Why Microsoft is just starting now? While other competitors have long to start an open source technology?

Gianugo Rabellino: We never claimed our company is open or closed, it's just for this year and in the future we will be more open in terms of collaboration. Over the last few years Microsoft has developed technology is open source, it's just unheard of among the public. For people working in the technology world, I feel I have known this. Microsoft I joined last year and was assigned to take care of the open source community at Microsoft. My job is to disseminate information about open source technology developed by Microsoft that has begun to various global open source community around the world. What is not afraid unexpectedly bandwagon? How do you think about competitors like Google and Facebook, which had already been developing open source?

Gianugo Rabellino: We are not afraid of thought went along, because we developed an open source based on our research collaboration that users need to develop software.

Google with its Android and Facebook, with its applications is an example of the success of open source is growing among users of IT .. We believe Microsoft also will have the same success. Of course, Microsoft has a business model and strategy are different from Google and Facebook, so we have more confidence to develop this technology today. What kind of business model developed by Microsoft for this open source technology?

Gianugo Rabellino: Microsoft will be more open to share the source code so that it can be modified by other software developers. We already have a special website address that is to see all the information there. There are many projects that we are for there, as well as a variety of source code that can be modified and redistributed on the site.

business model that we developed is to provide an opportunity for software developers to collaborate with us and create applications and modifications to the software we have. We can find the right business partners of this collaboration and can make many choices for users to choose what they need from a software. What is the strategy taken by Microsoft to develop open-source technology?

Gianugo Rabellino: Microsoft supports standardization by becoming members in 150 organizations worldwide regulatory standards and actively participated in 350 working groups, where more than 350 thousand open source applications run on Microsoft platforms. We also develop open source technology on cloud platforms. In addition, we also build the open source community to share the information that is being developed, as well as a communications center for Microsoft with open source communities that have been formed first. What is Microsoft's biggest challenge in developing this open source?

Gianugo Rabellino: The biggest challenge it gives understanding to the community about what is open source and how open source is now being developed by Microsoft. Open source does not mean handing out software for free, nor open to the public company secrets. Open source is a shared source code that allows for collaboration in terms of developing software. So we deliberately build the open source community to deliver this information.



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