November 16, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note Officially launched in Indonesia

PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia (Sein) formally bring the tablet Samsung Galaxy Notes in Indonesia. Miniature tablet is believed to alter the market. What kind of advantages?

The plan was finally realized on Tuesday (8 / 11). Note Galaxy is touted as a "miniature" tablet, adding a new genre in the tablet market in Indonesia is increasingly widespread. The tablet has a screen size of Super HD 1280x 800 pixel AMOLED screen with a cross section of 5.3 inci.Ukuran was only slightly larger than the current screen smartphone, which could reach 4.3 inc

Therefore, the Galaxy is present to fill the segment Note tablet users who want maximum portability. Thickness is only 9.6 mm is also getting easier Galaxy Note to carry. There is debate about the right screen size for tablets. What is the most appropriate screen size? Which size is too big? And where the size is too small?
Apparently, none of the answers are really sure of the question. Since each tablet users have different needs. Each size of the screen, whether it is 10.1 inches, 9.7 inches, and under 7 inches has its own pleasures and drawbacks. There are consumers who want a tablet is small and portable, but there are also who want a large screen size to meet the needs of multimedia consumption is high.

In presentations of launch, Samsung also gave the definition of the Galaxy Note to consumers: "Is it a tablet? Is it a smartphone? It's Galaxy Note ". To be sure, the Samsung trying to present a different screen sizes for different needs. However, with 5.3 inches, they make sure that the screen Note Galaxy more than adequate to the consumption of e-books, PowerPoint presentations, and news applications and web pages.

Users can conveniently claimed to see and do at least the scrolling or zooming. The uniqueness of the Galaxy is a way of navigating Note that not only use the sweep of a finger. But also through a digital pen called S Pen. S Pen can be used for sketching, coloring, handwriting recognition, and others.

"The idea can be captured freely without the need to perform additional digitalization," says Marketing Business Phone Handheld PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, EkaAnwar. To facilitate the user, Samsung also buried applications such as Soonr Workplace, OmniSketch, Zen Brush, ComicBook!, And iAnnotate PDF.

With iAnnotate PDF for example, users can use the S Pen to read the file PDF.Sementara OmniSketch and Zen Brush is a very useful application for sketching and drawing, making S Pen as if as a brush. As the name implies, the function of the Note is highlighted by the Galaxy as a digital note taker. A media that helps users productive activities.

In it embedded features such as S Memo, S Planner, and S choice.Tablet who have the prime function of the phone is sold in Indonesia on Saturday (12/11) at a price of Rp6, 499 million per unit. To be sure, Samsung Galaxy optimistic Note will change the game market.


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