November 26, 2011

when the bridge collapsed, traffic is still busy.

Passing vehicles during the Mahakam Bridge II in Kutai regency, East Kalimantan, collapsing most of the motorcycle. In addition, according to local people, other vehicles are cars, trucks, and minibuses. 

Mahakam II bridge collapse along about 500 meters on Saturday (26/11/2011) at around 16:15 pm. The victim is likely to increase because a lot of passing vehicles when the bridge collapsed.

As of Saturday evening, the death toll from the collapse of the Mahakam Bridge was reached four.

From these data the Regional General Hospital Tenggarong AM Parikshit, 4 dead is Agus (25), Fairuz (19), Alisia (1 year 6 months), and one person is not identified. While more than 20 injured victims still being treated in hospitals.

Having had time to lay off an evacuation due to unstable condition of the bridge, the SAR team then continued the search for victims. When collapsed, the bridge was still under repair and a number of passing vehicles on the bridge sank into the Mahakam River.



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