December 27, 2011

best 5 Phenomenon 2011

1. SuperMoon

This is the most interesting phenomena of the heavens public attention in 2011. Supermoon is the phenomenon when the moon appears larger than usual. Precisely, seven percent greater. Supermoon occurred on Saturday (19/03/2011) night and Sunday (3/20/2011) morning.

Supermoon occurs when the moon is closest to the Earth. The distance between the Moon and Earth at that time only 356,377 kilometers, 30,000 kilometers closer than the average distance of the Moon-Earth.

Supermoon was thought to be one cause of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011. Supermoon also briefly associated with high waves. However, scientists proved that the impact was so significant supermoon. presents the article "Waiting Supermoon" on March 19, 2011. Activities in social networking is also very large supermoon discuss. Supermoon had to be trending topics on Twitter. Supermoon in own articles distributed to Facebook by more than 12,000 people! Supermoon really super.

2. Total lunar eclipse

There are two total lunar eclipse that occurred in 2011, on Thursday (6/16/2011) with 100 minutes of totality at 2:22 to 4:02 pm and Saturday (12/10/2011) with a totality of 50 minutes at 21:07 to 21:57 pm .

When a total lunar eclipse occurred in June, was observed with members of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Jakarta. When the eclipse is almost over, Jupiter appears in the sky. This is the best total lunar eclipse of 2011.

Meanwhile, a total lunar eclipse in December relative can not be seen because of cloudy and rainy. The eclipse was not visible in Jakarta. In Yogyakarta, Gombong, and Samarinda, the eclipse can be witnessed, although still a little disturbed by clouds.

Two of the total eclipse that occurred this year to invite the attention of the reader The article "Three Days After Total Eclipse of the Moon" is read by about 72,000 people and distributed to Facebook by around 11,000 people. Meanwhile, the article "Sunday Night, Eclipses Months Last Year" is read by approximately 74,000 people and distributed to Facebook's people by 8000.

3. Jupiter full moon

Not only can full moon. Jupiter can also reach the moon looks full of aliases and a little bigger. Full moon occurs when the planet Jupiter is located at a distance of closest to the Earth, which is 629 million kilometers. Earth, Jupiter, and Sun are on a straight line.

Jupiter moon occurs on Friday (10/28/2011). When full moon, Jupiter appears with magnitude -2.8. Largest planet in the Solar System until it shines brightly visible to the naked eye in Jakarta that great light pollution. Jupiter moon this is the best time in the last 11 years.

Articles that were presented "Look forward to Tomorrow Night Jupiter Purnama" read by more than 57,000 people, preferably 335 Facebookers and distributed to the social network by 9327 people. On Twitter too, so Jupiter's moon conversation.

4. blue moon

This is a rare phenomenon. Blue moon is actually defined as the second full moon in the same month, it does not mean the moon did look blue. However, this year, the Moon actually looked bluish.

This phenomenon was witnessed by astronomers Ma'rufin Sudibyo when observing the total lunar eclipse in Gombong on Saturday (10/12/2011). Ma'rufin say that the moon is blue due to scattering of ozone. review about the phenomenon of a blue moon in the article "Eclipse of the Moon in Gombong Looks Bluish" and "Blue Moon Not Just Figures". Each one is read by tens of thousands of people, distributed to Facebook by more than 500 people.

The phenomenon of a blue moon it had occurred several years after Mount Krakatau erupted in 1883. Not just a "blue moon", when it was colored lavender sun. This is discussed in the article "Blue Moon and the Sun Lavender 'attracted tens of thousands of readers.

5. Two meteor showers during Ramadan

amadan full of blessings, and this time his blessing are two meteor showers. Each is meteor showers Perseids and the Delta Aquarids which peak on August 13, 2011.

Perseids meteor showers and Delta Aquarids attracted much interest from readers The proof, the article "Two Meteor in Ramadan Nights" is read by 26,000 people and distributed to Facebook by more than 2200 people.

In addition to the five phenomena of the heavens is, in fact there are many phenomena that arise. One is the smallest full moon or the reverse of supermoon occurring October 11, 2011. There is also a comet crashing into the Sun Lovejoy, survived and eventually appeared before Christmas. Unfortunately, many phenomena can not be witnessed by many people.

In 2012, there are many phenomena of the sky that would be witnessed. One is that Mars will appear brighter because it was at the point nearest the Earth on March 5, 2012. Prepare your eyes and telescopes ....


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