December 20, 2011

Egyptian Military Brutality Video

The pictures are very shaken has revealed the brutality of the Egyptian armed forces in putting down the protests that occurred on Sunday 18 December 2011.

In a video circulating on the internet, the security forces of anti-riot state was seen chasing a woman and beat her repeatedly with a metal rod that fell to the ground, and cause it to be half naked. After the fall, the woman was kicked repeatedly. The woman was lying helpless on the ground, his shirt open, her bra clearly visible. A man kicked in full force toward the open chest.

Moments earlier, he was beaten many times in the head and body with a metal rod. As if not satisfied with that waged a brutal beating his fellow soldiers, a soldier stepped on his head repeatedly. The woman with a weak attempt to protect his head from blows without stopping it with his hand. However, he then knocked unconscious in an attack that was embarrassing, and he was left lying motionless.

Before he attacked the officers, three men seemed to pull when they tried to flee from the approaching army. However, they are too slow, and the soldiers chased them, caught the woman, and one of the men dropped to the ground. Two other men were forced to abandon them and kept running. Two men who escaped were helplessly looking at two of her friends abandoned, and constantly beaten up when they're lying on the ground.

Unnamed woman said on Monday, would not appear because he felt embarrassed by the treatment they experienced. Video recordings and photographs when beaten, kicked, and finally slumped on the ground in Tahrir Square, Cairo, it has made headlines around the world.

Hassan Mahmoud, a journalist with the daily Al Badeel, be near her when she tripped and then beaten by military police. Hassan told the British daily, The Guardian, "They (military) wanted to take him away, but then a number of demonstrators who dared to show up and start throwing stones. (Pitch) that is one thing that saved him from their hands."

Women were treated for injuries at the hands and feet. However, he had come home and say what happened was a misfortune.

She was, as quoted in Hassan, said, "It does not matter if I speak (to the media) or not. They've stripped me naked, (it) is enough to reveal who they are and give the message that enough for people who still believe in them."

Mohamed Zeidan, who filmed the beating scene from a balcony overlooking Tahrir Square, said he stopped recording for fear of getting caught. "The soldiers are like vultures who find prey," he said. "The soldiers even beat an older couple who tried to help her stand up."

An another video, soldiers attacked an elderly woman when clashes erupted between protesters and security forces on that day. Khadiga al-Hennawy, the name of the old woman, was seen by two officers pulled her hair, before being kicked and beaten around the arm and back with a stick. He is known as the "mother revolutionary" because it took part in a protest against Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Hundreds of soldiers wearing riot gear, on Monday, making cleaning more at Tahrir Square and opened fire on protesters demanding an end to military rule. Department of Health said at least three people were killed. Thus, the number of deaths during the four days of clashes to 14.

 The clashes have been raging in the capital city since Friday, when military troops guarding the building near Tahrir Square Cabinet quell protests that had lasted three weeks, which demands immediate ruling generals handed over power to civilian authority.



Admin said...

Please pray for the victims of violent anti-riot troops egypt. god will by your side.....

Restsindo-hty said...

The task is to maintain a police or security forces, but not rare just the opposite. The officer in charge of securing the safe side do not exactly be the cause of a region.
This is not only related to the individual alone but the individual that has been institutionalized, so that individual actions are supported by their unity,
We are sorry about the brutality of the security forces; should apparatus as protector and protector neutral society. Who do evil and violate regulations must be in the act together firmly, without partiality. If it is implemented then people will think twice about doing the crime.

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