February 10, 2012

"Kodak" the legendary company, finally decided to stop production of the camera.

Kodak, the legendary company that engages in photography and film, the camera will stop production in order to maintain their other business units.

Before the end of September 2012, Kodak will slowly decrease the production of cameras, including compact cameras (pocket camera) and digital video, and digital picture frames.

Nevertheless, the company's 133-year-old will continue to cover the existing product warranty and will offer support services to the camera and frame.
After cutting unit camera business, Kodak will rely on income from brand licensing, online retail, photo printing services, home printers, retail kiosks, and print photo lab.

Kodak has filed for bankruptcy protection to the Bankruptcy Court of the United States by using the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Act. The filing was completed on 18 January.

During the bankruptcy proceedings, Kodak CEO Antonio Perez has said, Kodak has taken significant steps to complete the transformation of the company.

"At that time we've created digital business. We also have come out of the traditional operations, closing 13 plants and 130 processing lab, and reduce labor as much as 47 000 since 2003," he said.

What power, Kodak, which in the past 20 centuries has always been a mainstay for anyone who wants to perpetuate the memory, will soon give up the business of the camera.



Uniform said...

I received a Kodak camera the other year and the pictures taken from the camera wasn't that good especially taken during the night time...this is very nice message.. Hope kodak will do something to improve their products and not to stop producing products.

Rumah Info said...

Dulu wktu kecil q sering blg kamera sebagai Kodak "ma, pinjem kodak dunk" gr2 terkenal mreknya, lok krg kodak emg g jman, sebutannya makin berubah jadi camdig alias camera digital

hzndi said...

kodak, sayang sekali ya :(

Game said...

Salah satu legenda di dunia foto :D

hzndi said...

will be missing this product

R-82 said...

RIP Kodak

this one will be the legent of pfhotograph

anwar zooble said...

follback plis :)

loveheaven07 said...

nice sharing

hzndi said...

hellooo masbro, jangan lupa visit dan komen balik oke :)

cardo Situmorang said...

kurang paham ni sama bahasanya.

herry tan said...

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