March 11, 2012

Kilcoy Australia, residents of the city into credit card fraud.

Location of residence no longer seems to be a patron of the possibility of credit card fraud. A city in the state of Queensland in Australia with a population of 1500 Kilcoy named person to be an example.

According to the Australian weekly, The Sunday Mail, the credit card of a resident in the city that was recorded in a local supermarket seems to have broken into international fraud syndicate. These syndicates then use the credit card information to do their shopping in London, India, and thousands of dollars worth Melbourne Australia.
According to the Reuters correspondent, L Sastra Wijaya, police in Australia today warned that consumers are more careful because of this fraud syndicate began targeting small businesses.

According to estimates, the credit card data is stolen from two supermarkets, IGA in the town of Kilcoy. A resident of Kilcoy which until now have not had a passport found that the card used to buy various products including some expensive holiday worth 400 million dollars in India.

Credit card a post office clerk named Anna Tunes used in Melbourne caused a loss of about 30 million dollars. At the time, Denie Kunde use credit cards in Brisbane, at the same time, the card is used at Sydney caused a loss of about 25 million rupiah. A resident of the other credit card used in London to buy gasoline and computer equipment worth 50 million dollars overall.

According to police, the syndicate was at first a small purchase, and the more daring, after the purchase was not detected. According to local people they had seen some suspicious people outside the IGA supermarket. But according to police, most likely a computer system at the supermarket are a source of burglary.



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