March 11, 2012

WTH, police chief using meth. !!!

A team led by Benny Commissioner of Profession and Security Sector Jakarta Police arrested Cibarusah Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Heru Sutrisno Budhi at the home office on Jalan Raya Loji, Cibarusah, Bekasi regency, West Java, on Friday (9/3/2012) night. Concerned and has allegedly taking meth weighing 0.87 gram.

Circulating the information, evidence seized from him were two plastic packs each containing shabu weighing 0.57 grams and 0.3 grams, the blades of scissors, 3 lighters, two small bottles containing spirits wheelbase, a big bottle wheelbase containing methylated spirit, and one bottle of spirits.
Also seized two bongs (meth suction devices), a pipe, pipe fitting three large, 13 small connecting pipes, two needles anglers stove, eight straws, two spoons made ​​of straw, and two burner head. Heru Propam team secured with two others. The three men were taken to the Directorate of Investigation Drug Jakarta Police and undergo extensive testing.

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Rikwanto say, have not been informed of the arrest of Heru and the two others. "But certainly, if there are members of the police proved that the crime involved drug abuse, must be prosecuted," he said, Sunday (11/03/2012) at around 07.30.



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Well this is embarassing fo indonesian police department -__-


Nice article I like it,keep in touch from INDONESIA with love..peace.

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