May 31, 2009

United States send 12 combat jet


Following blasting a nuclear bomb by North Korea, the United States to send 12 combat jet sophisticated F-22 Raptor to Japan.invisible capability jet that landed on the island of Okinawa in southern Japan Saturday may 30,2009.

Arrival by plane from the first rows of the plane in the air force base in Kadena held after U.S. President Barack Obama back guarantee Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso in a telephone conversation this weekend about Washington's commitment to the defense that Asianya partners.
"Emphasizes the commitment that conscription in the U.S. as Japan's regional relations are very important and intimate the U.S. determination to ensure stability and security in the entire Pacific region," said one official U.S. Air Force.

These fighter in the world, known as Raptor, the departure from the main base in Langley, Virginia, beginning this weekend, and were planned for four months. Okinawa play host to about 50,000 U.S. military personnel who are placed in Japan.

North Korea has been a series of rudal distance away following a short pilot nuklirnya. Communist countries is also reported ready to re-launch a long-distance rudal.



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