June 24, 2009

Ito Warsito become director of the BEI

The shareholders of PT Bursa Efek Indonesia agree Ito Warsito as Director Bei replace Erry Firmansyah in Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPST), Wednesday (24 / 6) in Jakarta. Ito over the package that I carried Rugeh Made Ramia. RUPST was attended by 117 shareholders (100 percent of the number of shareholders). Ito package support voice vote of 79 Member of the Stock Exchange (AB) and the package Rugeh obtained 36 votes out of 117 votes in the present AB AGM. While a vote is declared invalid, and one abstain vote.
Bei following the order of the Board of Directors the new Director of Corporate Rating Eddy Sugito, Director of Trade and Exchange Settings Member Yiong Wei Wan, Director of Control

Transaction and Compliance Uriep Budhi Prasetyo, Director of Development Friderica Widyasari Dewi, Director of Information Technology Adikin Basirun, and the Director of Finance and HR Supandi .



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