June 7, 2009

Japan First team to World Cup 2010

Japan became the first team to pass the final round of World Cup 2010 in South Africa, other than the host. Success was created after their 1-0 win in the cage in Uzbekistan qualifying World Cup 2010 Asian Zone Group 1. Klasemen while Japan lead Group 1 with a value of 14 and still leaving the match 2. However, their value is not terkejar by the third sequence, Bahrain. Asia quota 4.5 team get to the final lap. Each group was taken the top two teams directly pass. While the third team will be doing the play-off and the winner will return to play-off opponents New Zealand.

This is the second Japanese achievement. At the World Cup 2006, Japan also became the first team to pass the qualifying. They will be followed by Australia, if not less of Qatar. Australia 0-0 opponent while playing host Qatar. Success Japan thanks to the only goal of the printed Shinji Ozaki minutes to-9. They played 10 people. Fortunately, that happens on the minutes to-90, when Hasebe get a red card.


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