June 7, 2009

Berlusconi appealed Kaka Not Moving

AC Milan owner, Silvio Berlusconi, he stressed that the force does not move for Kaka. He would ask to keep Kaka in the San Siro next season. Issues removals continue scrolling Kaka bid following a big Real Madrid and Chelsea. Vice President General Manager as well as Milan, Adriano Galliani, stressed that the decision to sell Kaka not because the club is no longer love the Brazilian players. Milan need to get a feel for the additional funds membenahi team. Milan management plan is obtained directly from the suporter protest. They threaten akan Berlusconi demanded back from Milan. However, Berlusconi stressed that the government never forced Kaka move. "I Rossoneri" would ask that Kaka still defend "Il Diavolo" because he has become the icon of the club. "I ask him to stay in Milan," said Berlusconi to Milan Channel. "I do so many months ago and Kaka, despite already ditawar euro 105 million, still live."
Berlusconi admitted that indeed there is discussion concerning the possibility to sell Kaka. However, everything depends on the willingness Kaka, if you want to stay in the San Siro club or move. Club will not clog Kaka go if he really wanted it, same as when Andriy Shevchenko moved to Chelsea two years ago. "Galliani and I met Monday june 1.2009 ago. I request to meet Kaka, but he had to go to Brazil so I agree with Galliani to talk with Kaka by phone Monday night june 8.2009 or Sunday june 7, 2009, 'he added.' If he shows the same situation with Andriy Shevchenko, we will get the same reaction from the club, giving freedom to the players and their families to make decisions according to the best of them, 'go that Italian Prime Minister.

Berlusconi promised, if so moved Kaka, it will redeem it by building a stronger team. Money transfer 65 million euro sales Kaka akan he traded players who will make the new team more competitive next season.


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