June 7, 2009

King Kelantan should Manohara Complete Case

Various statements Manohara Odelia Pinot that is widely broadcast by the various mass media and electronic equipment has been accepted as truth so excite hatred against the people of Indonesia Malaysia. Therefore, the King should finish Kelantan Manohara case. "The situation of this kind should not be left because it was good public relations with the two countries is relative. There is no other choice except immediately clarify various statements Manohara and finish it through legal channels," said sociologist Musni Umar, Università alumnus Kebangsaan Malaysia in Jakarta, Sunday june 7.2009.
King Kelantan should step in to finish the cases that befall the ship household puteranya Tengku M. Fakhry through legal channels. This case the first is personal, involving the public now have the two countries. "Moreover, many statements that need to Manohara is correct, such as fat as she injected her husband. He disilet, disterika and others. It must be evidenced by the law. The experience I five-year study in Malaysia, many women find that fat after marrying. This is because the food in Malaysia, in general, contain coconut milk and fried food-gorengan and not accompanied by adequate exercise, "he said.

According to Musni, cases of torture experienced Manohara, more experienced foreign workers in Malaysia. The statement is misleading. From which he knew, in the case Manohara live in the palace, he does not touch the outside world dengaan freely, and the media have not sebebas such as in Indonesia. "Indeed, there are cases of torture, such as migrant workers who have made many, but in general, not many and only a work on the China and India. Never heard of torture cases and found that foreign workers working on the other. This is because the same language, customs, religion and culture, "he said.
The same statement Manohara, foreign workers are working 24 hours with a salary of RM 500. The statement is too lavish, not because there may be people who are working 24 hours without rest. Ringgit about 500 monthly salary, generally domestic workers, carpenters broom, gardener and other salaried like that. Manohara For small size, but for the foreign workers without education and skills is not small, because when multiplied by the rupiah exchange rate of Rp 1, 5 million. "We have not been able to retain as much as the adjuvant. Thus, Manohara many statements that need to be re-examined their accuracy, so that we become wise and prudent," he said.


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