June 7, 2009

China Helps Open Market for Indonesian businessman

Delegation of China ASEAN Expo Secretariat (CAEXPO) will hold a series of seminars in Indonesia, on 7-12 June in order to socialize and trade exhibition management industry in the city of Nanning, China to the Indonesian company. Persnya In broadcast on Sunday 7 June 2009, the program revealed CAEXPO campaign on the cooperation between Seketariat CAEXPO and the National Export Development Agency (BPEN) will be held at Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta on June 9, at Hotel JW Marriot Hotel on June 10 and June 11 in Bali.
Promotion to the organization, industry or trade associations, employers and the community who are interested to attend the exhibition industry and trade held sixth CAEXPO in Nanning city this year (date not yet set). In the session 'road show', and to prospective participants akan introduced the concept of providing CAEXPO to-6, including the exhibition of information, promotion facilities, forums and service exhibitors and tricks to overcome the global financial crisis that occurred at this time.

Thanks to the similar campaign conducted to promote the CAEXPO Secretariat of Trade and Industry Exhibition to-five years ago (CAEXPO to-5) in the city of Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Pontianak, 40 of 300 Indonesian companies that follow the campaign took part in the event. Arena campaign industry and trade China-ASEAN CAEXPO held in Nanning city each year is one of four exhibitions that receive the highest priority of the Chinese government and are considered important as a basis for efforts to promote economic cooperation between China with ASEAN countries including Indonesia.
Indonesia telah mengikuti CAEXPO sejak pertama kali pameran dagang dan industri ini diselenggarakan sejak 2004) dan sudah ketiga kalinya menggunakan paviliun (anjungan) tersendiri yang dapat memuat 122 stan berstandar internasional.

Ekspor Indonesia ke China antara lain berupa produk pertanian, makanan, kerajinan tangan dan sumberdaya pertambangan, terus meningkat, dan menurut catatan, pada 2008 berhasil menggaet devisa sekitar 134,9 juta dolar AS, antara lain berkat keikutsertaan perusahaan Indonesia dalam pameran tahunan CAEXPO.


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