June 8, 2009

SBY-Boediono argue alleged Mega-Pro

After throwing mutual issues between the three pairs nonsubstansif the 2009 Presidential Election, such as horses and religious attributes, now they start 'dissect' programs work. Today, Monday june 8.2009 in Bravo Media Center, Jakarta, couples stronghold Capres-cawapres Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Boediono oppugn issues thrown Mega-Prabowo. Mallarangeng Rizal, M Chatib Basri and Raden Pardede, respond to Prabowo cawapres statement saying that debt per head of the Indonesian people to Rp 7 million per year in 2008, or an increase of Rp 2 million from 2004. Spokesperson for the National Campaign SBY-Boediono, Rizal Mallarangeng, the announcement did not disclose the fact Prabowo comprehensive.
According to him, despite increased debt per head, said Rizal, income per head of the Indonesian people jumped from Rp 10 million in 2004 to Rp 21 million in the year 2008. "Thus, the achievements of the government debt management is better," said Rizal. But unfortunately, Timnas do not have data on the purchasing power of the community saggy against a number of basic needs, such as fuel, and other. Team success SBY Boediono also re-align the statement Prabowo said that Indonesia is dominated by foreign cite World Development Report (WDR) 2007.

"Based on the WDR, foreign direct investment flows to India are only 1.6 percent of the PDP. How can they rant said that Indonesia is dominated by foreigners." he said. Meanwhile, the ratio of FDI a number of neighboring countries is higher, such as Vietnam, 9.7 percent, Malaysia 4.5 percent, China 4.3 percent, Thailand 3.9 percent, and Brazil, 2.3 percent. Similarly, the ratio of imports compared to Indonesia a number of neighboring countries. The ratio of Indonesia, said Timnas, sit on a number 29 percent of GDP in 2008. This is higher than the Philippines, 35 percent, Thailand, 74 percent, and Malaysia, 80 percent.


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