June 1, 2009

Lakers VS Orlando

Los Angeles Lakers escaped back to the NBA final round begins on Thursday (4 / 6). Years ago when they lost from the Celtics, they are sure this year will be the Orlando Magic.

Last year's Lakers defeat Celtics shame. In the 6 games they even lose the points that much difference, 92-131. "We understand it's less and will now try to redeem it," said Phil Jackson Trainer.

In the final year, Pau Gasol does not appear in the NBA final. Currently he is appearing in the final berambisi strengthen the Lakers. "The team is very focused and hungry," said Gasol. "This year we have a mission. We have entered the final, now is time to work hard, this is the difference," he added.

Different from the year ago, Lakers have the advantage as the host first. Games 1 and 2, Thursday and Sunday, will be played at the Staples Center, before the next three games played in the cage in the Orlando Magic.

"Of course having fun, the benefits to host the first. However, it is not the only advantage in the match with a series like this," said Phil Jackson. "Orlando is a team that has tandang best record in the league in the last two years," he added.

Lakers after the final pass to beat Denver Nuggets in the semifinal round, while the Orlando Magic Cleveland Cavaliers surpass.

NBA finals schedule:
Thursday, June 4: Orlando at Los Angeles Lakers
Sunday, June 7: Orlando at Los Angeles Lakers
Tuesday, June 9: Los Angeles Lakers at Orlando
Thursday, June 11: Los Angeles Lakers at Orlando
Sunday, June 14: Los Angeles Lakers at Orlando
Tuesday, June 16: Orlando at Los Angeles Lakers
Thursday, June 18: Orlando at Los Angeles Lakers


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