June 1, 2009


Originally notebook is, and appears smartphone, tablet PC, followed by the MID (mobile internet device), UMPC (ultra mobile PC), and the netbook. As if it's all not enough to make consumers confused, will now present a new other device.

Smartbook name, so the word Qualcomm and Freescale. This device is positioned as a smartphone companion, and the price will be between the handset and netbook average. Well, if so what smartbook the netbook?

First, smartbook - which has a shape very similar to Sony VAIO P and more thin and lighter than generally netbook - akan have mentioned that during this batere we expect in a netbook. The average 8 - 10 hours.

Second, this device has WWAN connectivity on 3G built-in. This may not be too special, considering there are some that provide netbook.

Third, the manufacturers are preparing smartbook mentioned ala smartphone experience - but in the physical form of the greater - for its users. Devices are far akan Snapdragon chip ditenagai owned by Qualcomm or Freescale, not Intel or AMD.

From the software, smartbook akan way on Linux is unique, stylish environment with nearly Instant-On OS. Not too heavy, but provides quick access to things such as web browsing, e-mail, photo viewing, and others.

Price and product information when this will be available in the market has not been disclosed. However, this is the end of the year models first smartbook already akan appear, and start filling event large exhibitions.


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