June 8, 2009

MA Decision expected Remove The cassation Munir

Solidarity Action Committee for Munir (KASUM) welcomed the review process conducted by Judicial Commission of the three-judge South Jakarta District Court has decided that free Muchdi Pr in the murder of human rights activist Munir. "Inspection is expected to bring justice for victims and truth for the public," said Usman Hamid, Coordinator of contrast at a press meet in the office Contrast, Jakarta, on Monday june 8.2009. Sit in a press meet in the alm wife Suciwati Munir, Choirul Anam of KASUM, Hendardi of Stara Institute, and Erwin Maulana's Imparsial.
Of the examination, said Usman, Judicial Commission is expected to work immediately and submit the examination results of the three judges that Judge Soeharto, Ahmad Yuzak, and Haswandi to the Supreme Court (MA). "The inspection can be used as consideration Majelis Judge Supreme Court of cassation review of the defendant Muchdi Pr," he said. KASUM, go Usman, also urged the MA immediately issue a decision of cassation Pilpres defendant Muchdi before considering the future has been reached within 5 minutes. "We worry if approached Pilpres akan vulnerable politisasi. In the process of cassation Pollycarpus only takes 5 minutes," specifically.

Usman added that the results of public eksaminansi decision to free the accused Muchdi on 18 April 2009, the optimistic KASUM MA cassation decision that will be brought back to Muchdi in the legal process. Usman, said decision has many free Muchdi gaffe weakens the council as evidence only kerena defendant shows on her passport in Malaysia at the time alleged by prosecutors to middle parts of the crime. "Why the new passport when the trial is not indicated at the time of examination the police. I also do not examine the judge's passport is valid or not," lontarnya.


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