June 8, 2009

Felipe Massa : F1 Facing Nightmare

Said Felipe Massa, Formula 1 (F1) is facing a "nightmare" because the plan changes the rules Automobiles International Federation (FIA). Therefore, Ferrari recer strongly support this effort the Association team-F1 team (FOTA) for the FIA. Remove the statement that Massa overtake him and the discussion pebalap with FOTA in the Istanbul paddock on Sunday morning june 7.2009. They discuss the budget savings plan or budget the cost of the race to cap season 2010.
According to Massa, he and some drivers no longer interested in F1 if the FIA decision is still with the (budget cap, red). The budget cap would create a duality rules and the race two levels (Tier two). According to the FIA, in which the budget cap of each team only spend a maximum of 40 million Pounds Sterling, is one way to attract new teams that enter F1. 'We as Racer, we want to race with the team the best in the world and we want to race with the best racer. At this time, is a nightmare what's happening in this race. Pebalap as we want to know what happened, and we want to give opinions, 'said Brazilian pebalap as dilansir Autosport.
'We want to race in the best category - and the best means that the category has a best technology, best teams and best recer also - and in that category is the highest in the Motorsport category.' If we do what Mr Mosley (President FIA) want, then we are not in the highest category - we are in a different level. We will descend to the lower level. 'Therefore, why we, together with the team, along with FOTA. FOTA has eight teams and I hope they can reach an agreement. I hope they can find a solution because our love is F1, "added Massa ago so the season runner-up. said this Press Statement after the former world champion Fernando Alonso to give indications that he was not interested in joining the race with the new plan rules.
"I prefer to race in the category again before the new F1," Alonso said the Spanish media. "A model similar to GP2 or F3 is not interesting to some pebalap, to sponsor a few or several television networks. For this case, we will wait and see what option." Team-the team has performed as closely as possible: they have agreed participate in the competition in 2010. But you can not suddenly cut the budget from 500 million to 45 million a year. That may be done in three years, from what the team budget. Now, the ball is in the FIA court.

"If factories can not sign for the F1 championship, and they organize a parallel, then it is most interesting candidate, because you will see the technology and the afastest cars in the world and in the end, it is the racer want,racer Renault world champion in 2005 and 2006.


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