June 10, 2009

That fact, experts Cooking Robot

Japan no utmost to create a robot-robot that can help the task of human beings. Innovation is the last robot utensils. Appropriate name, given name of a robot Robot Okonomiyaki can cook bread typical of Japan, okonomiyaki. Robots are very cunning cook until serving.

very sly, he can do all the detail of the churn process materials in the bowl,
pour to the top brass is hot, turn the dish to be cooked evenly, and serve on the plate. He also presents the results can be directly cuisine with two hands even bring themselves to offer additional flavor or type of sauce you want.

Capabilities are demonstrated at the International Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition in Tokyo, Tuesday june 9.2009. Okonomiyaki is a robot made by Toyo Riki Co.a robot designer in Osaka.



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